Damn GPS


“You have arrived at your destination,” said the female voice from our GPS only to discover we are on the right side of the road facing nothing but pine trees.  That damn GPS got me lost taking my son to meet with his new doctor last week.  After a waste of about 10 or 15 minutes of seeking the office (without the GPS) we arrived a few minutes late, but we succeeded. Much like the GPS, we depend on our leaders for guidance, direction, and advise.  Leaders do not know everything, nor should they.  However, it is essential the leader has a good understanding of the vision and direction the organization is going.  In doing so, she has to know the big and small picture of the business’s internal workings as well as the external effects.


One of the main issues of getting lost is communication.  Just as the GPS might go haywire or out-of-date software will lead us on a wild goose chase; this is due to a lack of communication.  Communication is crucial in all businesses no matter how big or small.  You cannot get from point A to point B when everyone does not know how to get to point B.  Many executives think just telling their staff what to do is sufficient and assume each staff member has a full understanding of the direction.  EVERYBODY DOES NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU KNOW!  The sender of the message fails when they ASSUME the receiver has fully received all the information and interpreted the message as the sender intended.

Please comment if you have ever witnessed a failed communication situation.  Explain the outcome.

Thanks and as always, click if you like and don’t if you don’t like!  Peace Out!  Joe

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