You Need an Attitude Adjustment!

Attitude Adjustment sounds so negative.  Why?  Because it is a term often used when you develop an angry or defensive attitude toward your job or others.  I attended a Team Building course where I asked the instructor, “What if you hate the boss you work for, what do you do?  He told me to, “simply move to another position or job where I don’t have the same boss.”  Which is the typical answer I expected and usually the one most people give.

“You can teach anyone to work a cash register, but you can’t teach them how to smile.”  Author unknown.

So can you change your boss that sucks?  Yes and No!  No, because you cannot control what is not within your control!  Trying to control what is not within your power will always lead you to frustration, anger, and disappointment.  Therefore, changing your boss that sucks is outside of your control.

Yes, because what you can change what is within your control.  Only you can change you.  First, it is essential you realize you have the power and influence over your thoughts, emotions, and outlook.  Second, meditate on what you genuinely want and visualize yourself being happy.  Third, immediately start planning what actions you need to take to get to that blissful place you imagined.  Forth, do this often while acting on your plan towards being happy.  Finally, celebrate often with every step towards your goal.  All of this is within your control and once you start having fun and moving toward your happiness goals you will see yourself change.  From the first step, you will see yourself smiling inside and out.  Very soon you will notice your confidence increases, and then others will look at your glow, and they will inadvertently start to change.  All because your smile is contagious.

In conclusion, the term, “Attitude Adjustment” can be positive.  So the next time someone tells you “you need an attitude adjustment,” you reply with a smile and say, “I’m working on it!”

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My Boss Sucks Because …

Bona Fide Leadership is about gathering facts and addressing how bad leadership has affected our lives and what can be done to transform others (including ourselves) to be outstanding leaders.

Stating off with “My boss sucks because…”  Please think about your current and past bosses that have sucked and tell us why.  Don’t use specific names or anything that might lead back to your current boss.

I am looking forward to reading each of your comments.  Here are but a few of my “My boss sucks because…” that I have experienced throughout my career.

My boss sucks because he is incompetent in his or her position.
My boss sucks because he does not know the technical details of my position.
My boss sucks because he does not know how to motivate me.
My boss sucks because he does not develop me.
My boss sucks because he does not stand up for me
My boss sucks because he does nothing all day.
My boss sucks because he has his click and I am not part of it.
My boss sucks because every time he calls me to his office, it is about something negative that I’ve done.
My boss sucks because he does not train me properly.
My boss sucks because he does not provide me with the tools I need to complete my tasks.